Fabrics : Catalog + Sourcing

We have an extensive catalog of base fabric qualities for the designer looking for inspiration. We also offer a fabric sourcing service for designers and production personnel looking for a quality they would like to match or develop.

Some qualities that we work with are :

Polyester Woven
Georgette Fabric
Chiffon or Yoryu Fabric
Fleece Fabric
Mole Skin Fabric
Synthetic Suede Fabric
Koshibo Fabric
Shantung Fabric
Poplin and Twills Fabric
Microfiber Fabric

Poly Rayon Spandex Ponte Di Roma Fabric
Rayon Nylon Spandex Ponte Di Roma Fabric
Single Spandex Fabric
Mesh Fabric
70 denier Interlock Fabric
Spun Poly Jersey Fabric
Spun Poly Spandex Fabric
Recycled Polyester Fabric(green printing)

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